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MGIT has established a research fund to nurture and harness the talent of the students and faculty from various disciplines. The organization provides necessary facilities for promoting basic research and to catalyze the cross-fertilization of ideas with R&D agencies in other sectors for expanding and enriching the knowledge base in their respective areas. The institute provides grants-in-aid for collaborative or individual work related futuristic front line research having application in the new world class systems, which leads to major research.

Details of Projects :

S.No.Name of the FacultyTitle of the ProjectFunding AgencyAmount Sanctioned (Rs.)Year of Sanction
1Dr. D. Vijaya LakshmiGrant- in- Aid from AICTE under "Modernization and Removal of Obsolescence Scheme(MODROB)"AICTE14,00,000/-2019
2Dr. K RamanjaneyuluA Critical Assessment of The Mechanistic Aspects In Nimonic 263 Nickel base Superalloy Base Metal and Weldments During Tensile Deformation.Aeronautics Research & Development Board (Dst)8,39,000/-2019
3Dr. C. R. K. ReddyGrant- in- Aid from AICTE for "Prerana" ProgramAICTE8,40,000/-2019
4Dr. S. P. SinghGrant- in- Aid from AICTE under "Modernization and Removal of Obsolescence Scheme(MODROB)"AICTE12,50,000/-2019
5Dr. V.Venkat RamayyaAssessment of warm mix asphalt with partial replacement of recycled aggregate and inclusion of nano materialsTEQIP of JNTUH2,99,000/-2019
6Dr. V V N Satya SureshInfluence of weld profile shape in the forming of Tailor Welded BlanksTEQIP - III2,99,000/-2019
7Dr. S SanthiProcess Simulation Studies of flow and fill characteristics of light alloy castingsTEQIP - III, JNTUH2,90,000/-2019
8Dr. Nabanitha PalNano structured materials: morphology controlled synthesis, properties and their advanced applications in Drug deliveryTEQIP - III, JNTUH2,50,000/2019
9Dr. Archana JainDirect amide synthesis from alcohols and amines via vinyl functionalized N-hetrocyclic carbene based ruthenium catalystsTEQIP - III, JNTUH2,50,000/-2019
10Dr .B.Srinivasa ReddyDevelopment of green Protocols for the synthesis of benzimidazole and pyrazole derivatives and evaluation of their biological activityTEQIP - III, JNTUH2,50,000/-2019
11Mr. S.Jayaprakash NarayanaCorrosion free ductile synthetic fiber reinforced columns using GFRP barsSERB-TARE (Dst)15,00,000/-2018
12Dr. T. R. Vijaya LakshmiImproving Object visibility under atmospheric degradations of haze and fog by adopting deep neural network modelTEQIP of JNTUH2,55,000/-2016

Notification for Honorary Doctorate Degree (D.Litt.) Awards – 2017