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Different ways of selecting the best engineering colleges

News Date : 30 Aug 2019     News Report

Picking the right engineering college in India is no mean feat. One has to search across different platforms in order to narrow down on the best college. The internet is obviously a great repository of information. Therefore it makes sense to start “Google”-ing with terms like “best engineering college”. However, the search result page can come across as confusing to those who are not too familiar with the technology of search engines. There are a number of ways of making the search for the right engineering college easier. It should be remembered that there are several college listing sites. However, these websites do not necessarily give the best reviews even though they contain lots of useful information.

Reliable information on top engineering colleges

The first step towards finding the best engineering colleges lies in reading the best blogs on the topic. The anonymously received ratings on various facets of the colleges are not very reliable. Instead, the bloggers who have worked in the field of education for a long time can be considered as better sources. These bloggers are often teachers or staff members in various educational institutions. You may be wondering as to how you can find these individuals. The best place to find them is usually the question-answer platform Quora. Individuals who have developed expertise in the domain over several years must be doing very well. Such experts often answer questions on the best colleges, the best placement services, the best faculty members and other similar queries.

Advantage of using Quora for selection of engineering college

As a student interested in finding out the top engineering colleges, you should definitely follow these Quora posts. New answers are added every now and then and you may get to know more about the college of your dreams. You should not rely on any one blog or Quora expert. Instead, you should always consult a number of sources. Apart from the internet, you can also consult the seniors from your school as well as teachers. The seniors often have greater knowledge of the various engineering colleges with stellar placement records and star-studded faculty. Ideally, you should narrow down on a few colleges. Then you should approach seniors from each respective college and take their feedback.

Verify the colleges’ placement records by asking pass-outs

Engineering colleges try to attract students with placements. This is expected since students of engineering institutes want to get placed in high paying jobs in multinational or top national companies. The best way to judge a college’s quality is to look at the kind of jobs that students passing out from there are getting. If most of the students get placed in good jobs, you can safely consider the college to be of good quality as well. This is so as top companies must be holding the institute in high regard as well. Not only are academics important but extracurricular initiatives are also vital for achieving excellence in the corporate world.