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UGC-RDC (Research and Development Committee)

MGIT has established a research fund to nurture and harness the talent of the students and faculty from various disciplines. The organization provides necessary facilities for promoting basic research and to catalyze the cross-fertilization of ideas with R&D agencies in other sectors for expanding and enriching the knowledge base in their respective areas. The institute provides grants-in-aid for collaborative or individual work related futuristic front line research having application in the new world class systems, which leads to major research.

Details of Projects :

S.No.Name of the FacultyTitle of the ProjectFunding AgencyAmount
Sanctioned (Rs.)
1Dr. M. VijayalakshmiProcess sequence and
Metallurgical Assessment
of Electron Beam
weld joints of
16NCD13 grade
steel for Aero
Engine Gear Applications
Aeronautical Research
and Development
Board, New Delhi
38.3 lacs2020-2021
2G. Srinivas ReddyAssessment of Naturally Occurring
Radioactive Materials (NORM) and
Radon Exhalation studies in soils
of Siddipet District of Telangana State.
Telangana State Council
of Science & Technology:
GoI – Project Related Grants (PRG),
3Dr. Archana JainDevelopment of achiral and iso-selective
Alkaline-Earth Metal catalysts to produce
highly stereo-controlled biodegradable
SERB-TARE (DST, GoI)18,30,000/-2020
4Dr. D. Vijaya LakshmiGrant- in- Aid from AICTE under
"Modernization and Removal of
Obsolescence Scheme(MODROB)"
5Dr. K RamanjaneyuluA Critical Assessment of The
Mechanistic Aspects In Nimonic
263 Nickel base Superalloy
Base Metal and Weldments During
Tensile Deformation.
Aeronautics Research &
Board (Dst)
6Dr. C. R. K. ReddyGrant- in- Aid from AICTE for "Prerana"
7Dr. S. P. SinghGrant- in- Aid from AICTE under
"Modernization and Removal of
Obsolescence Scheme(MODROB)"
8Dr. V.Venkat RamayyaAssessment of warm mix asphalt
with partial replacement of recycled
aggregate and inclusion of nano materials
TEQIP of JNTUH2,99,000/-2019
9Dr. V V N Satya SureshInfluence of weld profile shape
in the forming of Tailor Welded Blanks
TEQIP - III2,99,000/-2019
10Dr. S SanthiProcess Simulation Studies of flow
and fill characteristics of light alloy
TEQIP - III, JNTUH2,90,000/-2019
11Dr. Nabanitha PalNano structured materials: morphology
controlled synthesis, properties and
their advanced applications in Drug delivery
TEQIP - III, JNTUH2,50,000/2019
12Dr. Archana JainDirect amide synthesis from alcohols
and amines via vinyl functionalized
N-hetrocyclic carbene based ruthenium
TEQIP - III, JNTUH2,50,000/-2019
13Dr .B.Srinivasa ReddyDevelopment of green Protocols for the
synthesis of benzimidazole and pyrazole
derivatives and evaluation of their
biological activity
TEQIP - III, JNTUH2,50,000/-2019
14Mr. S.Jayaprakash
Corrosion free ductile synthetic
fiber reinforced columns using GFRP bars
SERB-TARE (Dst)15,00,000/-2018
15Dr. T. R. Vijaya
Improving Object visibility under
atmospheric degradations of haze and
fog by adopting deep neural network model
TEQIP of JNTUH2,55,000/-2016

Notification for Honorary Doctorate Degree (D.Litt.) Awards – 2017