Campus Life at MGIT

We’re talking everyday motivation.

MGIT offers a vibrant campus life. It is a safe and secure campus. Away from the noise and pollution of the city the Institute is a haven of fresh air, unwinding roads and calm surroundings.


The sprawling campus of MGIT has turned out to be an asylum for peacocks, peahens, many more species of birds, butterflies, dragonflies etc. Quiet ambience free from noise pollution has been the most favouring environment for the birds. From the usual shy and frightened behaviour, the birds can be seen moving about freely all around the campus.

MGIT is also a home for numerous varieties of plant species because its area of 25 acres has plenty of open green spaces, which the College has cultivated further by planting an array of flowering plants and shrubs and fruit trees.

At MGIT, a student flourishes personally and professionally. This is thanks to the varied activities and events that are a constant buzz on the campus in addition to the supportive environment that nourishes academic brilliance.
Students when they wish to do something there are a lot of choices available to them. They can pursue the passions they bring to the campus. Or they can take up new ones. There are many recreational facilities, hobby clubs and sports facilities on campus.
In the chosen activity, whether a student is a beginner or at an advanced level, he/she will have company and will enjoy the bonding and camaraderie.

Music MGIT Landscape is beautiful with flowers of many kinds