National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)

The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) conducts assessment and accreditation of Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) such as colleges, universities or other recognised institutions to derive an understanding of the ‘Quality Status’ of the institution. NAAC evaluates the institutions for its conformance to the standards of quality in terms of its performance related to the educational processes and outcomes, curriculum coverage, teaching-learning process, faculty, research, infrastructure, learning resources, organization, governance, financial well being and student services.


  • To make quality the defining element of higher education in India through a combination of self and external quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance initiatives.


  • To arrange for periodic assessment and accreditation of institutions of higher education or units thereof, or specific academic programmes or projects.
  • To stimulate the academic environment for promotion of quality of teaching-learning and research in higher educational institutions.
  • To encourage self-evaluation, accountability, autonomy and innovations in higher education.
  • To undertake quality-related research studies, consultancy and training programmes.
  • To collaborate with other stakeholders of higher education for quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance.

Value Framework: 

  • To promote the following core values among the Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) of the country:
    • Contributing to National Development
    • Fostering Global Competencies among Students
    • Inculcating a Value System among Students
    • Promoting the Use of Technology
    • Quest for Excellence
 NAAC Undertaking - July 2023 
 NAAC Certificate Cycle-1 
 Institutional Information for Quality Assessment(IIQA) 
 NAAC Self Study Report Cycle-1
 PO, PSOs and COs of all Courses 
 Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc 
 Best Practices 
 Institutional Distinctiveness 
 Student Satisfaction Survey Report (SSSR) AY 2021-22
 Student Satisfaction Survey Report (SSSR) AY 2020-21
 Student Satisfaction Survey Report (SSSR) AY 2019-20
 Student Satisfaction Survey Template (SSST)