Dr. Phaniraj’s Research Paper Published in Reputed Journal “Scripta Materialia”

News Date : 08 Mar 2023     News Report

Dr. M. P. Phaniraj, along with PhD student Mr. Kotla Sairam and Dr. Korla Rajesh from IITH, have recently published a research manuscript titled “Effect of molybdenum on recrystallization behavior of Fe30Mn5Al1C-xMo light weight austenitic steels” in the prestigious scientific journal of materials, “Scripta Materialia”. This publication presents a significant contribution to the materials science and engineering field by exploring the functional and mechanical behavior of materials.

Scripta Materialia is a peer-reviewed journal that highlights research endeavors related to the discovery, development, and characterization of materials, including advances in structure, chemistry, theory, experiment, modeling, simulation, physics processes, synthesis, processing, mechanisms, and control.

Dr. Phaniraj’s research work showcases his expertise in materials science and engineering and demonstrates his commitment to advancing knowledge in this field. The Department congratulates him on this special achievement and wishes him the best in his future endeavors.


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