Expert Guest Lecture on Big Image Processing Enlightens Students

News Date : 23 Jun 2023     News Report

On June 23rd, 2023, MGIT’s Department of IT, under the aegis of the R&D Committee, hosted an inspiring online guest lecture from Dr. U.S.N Raju, Associate Professor, Computer Science Engineering Department, NIT Warangal. The informative lecture on the topic of “Big Image Processing” attracted the attendance of ninety-four enthusiastic students from III Yr, IV Sem, II Sem IT & CSB. The enlightening session took place from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, fostering an educational environment for the students eager to delve deeper into the realm of image processing.

Dr. Raju, with his profound expertise and unique teaching approach, expounded on key aspects of Big Image Processing. His lecture encompassed fundamentals of Image Processing, Big Data, Image Enhancement Techniques, Color Image Processing, Wavelets, Image Data Compression, and explored the applications of Big Data in Image processing. The lecture offered the students a comprehensive understanding of the subject, painting a vivid picture of the opportunities and advancements in this particular field.

Reflecting the effectiveness of the session, the students’ response was overwhelmingly positive. They were thrilled to engage in a fruitful discussion with Dr. Raju following the lecture. Students gained valuable insights into the intricacies of Image Processing and the latest industry trends, opening doors to a world of knowledge and opportunities.

In the feedback received after the lecture, students expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the experience. They were immensely grateful to Dr. Raju for his time, expertise, and the enlightening discourse on Big Image Processing, which has surely fuelled their passion for the subject further.

The R&D Committee and Department of IT at MGIT extend their deepest gratitude to Dr. U.S.N Raju for his invaluable contribution and are looking forward to hosting more such enlightening sessions in the future.

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