Field Visit – A crucial & exciting aspect of engineering program!!!

News Date : 13 Dec 2022     News Report

Dept. of Civil Engineering organized a Field visit for III year B.Tech students to a Multi-storey Building-under construction, located at Kokapet built by Greenspace Housing & Engineers Pvt.Ltd., on 12th December 2022 from 9.30 AM  to 2.00PM.
As part of the curriculum B. Tech III year students studied Structural Engineering-I, & learnt Design of RC beams, Columns ,Slabs, Foundation. In order to have a field exposure of the concepts learnt, they were taken to the near by multi-storey construction site.
During the visit, Reinforcement detailing of Beams, Columns, Slabs, Foundation along with the grade of steel, diameter of reinforcement is presented & detailed.
A total 40 students from III BTech Civil Engineering visited the site. Students were divided into three batches at the site and one Faculty and one site Engineer accompanied each batch to explain the structural components in detail.

Key takeaway points: 

  • Students had seen the construction of foundation in the first block, columns in the second block and beams and slabs in the third block.
  • They had seen different grades of reinforcement used in the construction and the naming standards on the reinforcement.
  • They were informed about the bar bending along with scheduling drawings at different locations in construction of slabs .
  • They learnt different grades of concrete used at construction and how to practically provide cover to the reinforcement in slabs by using cover blocks and how to provide lap in reinforcement in columns.

Students enthusiastically participated in the site visit and gained great knowledge on field application of Structural Engineering.
Overall it was an enriching experience for the students.