News Date : 11 Jun 2022     News Report

Traning & Placement News

Circualr regarding Arcesium recruitment drive on 31.01.2020

Circular regarding C-Training program on 28.12.2019

Circular regarding Aptitude training for B.TECH IV year students from 01.07.2019 to 06.07.2019

Circular regarding Ashoka builders recruitment drive on 29.01.2020

Circular regarding CGI Information Systems drive on 21.12.2019

Circular regarding C-language 21.12.2019

Circular regarding Cognizant interactive session on 08.11.2019

Circular regarding Creative solutions drive on 07.01.2020

Circular regarding Guest Lecture on Future Skills-2030 by Dr. Srinivas Peula from Ms. Cyient on 07.08.2019

Circular regarding Guest Lecture on Future Skills-2030 by Dr. Srinivas Peula from Ms. Cyient on 08.08.2019

Circular regarding Guest Lecture on IOT & Python on 31.07.2019

Circular regarding InfyTQ program and Infosys recruitment program on 30.01.2020

Circular regarding Interaction session with TPO on placement practices on 07.01.2020 for CSE students

Circular regarding Interactive session with TPO on placement practices on 06.01.2020 for ECE students

Circular regarding lecture on C& Data structures, Wireless communication & Technical Interview on 29.06.2019

Circular regarding Lido learning campus drive on 10.01.2020

Circular regarding Nomus Communication systems on 29.01.2020

Circular regarding Prokarma Drive on 01.02.2020

Circular regarding Raam group recruitment drive on 09.01.2020

Circular regarding Talent Sprint Women engineer’s program 03.01.2020

Circular regarding Training sessions for II, III & IV year students on 13.07.2019

Circular regarding training sessions for IV year students from 30.07.2019 to 02.08.2019

Circular regarding VLSI Training program for ECE students

Circular regarding Workshop on C-C++ & Data Structures on 07.08.2019

Circular regarding workshop on Digital Trends & Technologies on 24.07.2019

Ms .Adatran networks recruitment drive on 30.10.2019 Ms .Ademtek recruitment drive on 14.11.2019

MS .Aptroid recruitment drive on 18.11.2019

Ms .Modak Analytics recruitment drive on 27.09.2019

Ms .Rubicon Red drive on 13.08.2019

Ms Byju’s drive on 14.08.2019

Ms Cellerite interviews on 27.12.2019

Ms Cognizant Drive on 01.09.2019

Ms Cognizant interviews schduled on 08.09.2019

MS Cognizant Mock interviews for online exam short listed students on 04.09.2019 and 05.09.2019

Ms Cognizant Specific Training scheduled from 26.08.2019 to 30.08.2019

Ms Gain sight drive on 14.08.2019

Ms GGK technologoes campus drive on 05.09.2019

Ms Hysoc drive on 16.08.2019

Ms KDM engineers recruitment drive on 23.11.2019

Ms KDM Engineers recruitment drive on 23.12.2019

Ms L&T InfoTech drive on 21.08.2019

Ms Mindtree campus drive online exam on 06.09.2019

Ms Pon pure chemicals India Pvt Ltd offline exam on 14.08.2019

Ms Prodapt solutions recruitment drive on 21.12.2019

Ms Rythmos recruitment drive on 22.10.2019

Ms Shrestha Analytics offline exam on 04.09.2019

Ms SPR Facade Engineers drive on 23.10.2019

Ms West Agile Campus Drive Circular on 02.01.2020

Ms. Aptroid recruitment drive on 15.11.2019

Ms. CGI information systems drive online exam on 21.12.2019

Ms. CGI informationsystems recruitment drive on23.12.2019

Ms. Circular regarding Career lanuner Training program on30.12.2019

Ms. Circular regarding Juniper networks certification program on 05.01.2019

Ms. Colruyt drive on 24.12.2019

Ms. Deloitte Campus Drive Circular on 22.07.2019

Ms. Deloitte Campus Drive Circular on 26.07.2019

Ms. Deloitte Interviews Circular on 26.07.2019

Ms. Hexaware recruitment drive on 11.11.2019

Ms. Hyundai Mobis CAMPUS DRIVE Circular on 23.07.2019

Ms. MedhaServo offline exam on 24.12.2019

Ms. NetCracker recruitment drive on 23.12.2019

Ms. PERSISTANT SYSTEMS Campus Drive Circular on 07.08.2019

Ms. Phenom people drive on 27.01.2019

Ms. Spoors recruitment drive on 23.10.2019

Ms. TA Digitals CAMPUS DRIVE Circular on 05.08.2019

Ms. Wi2wi recruitment drive on 29.10.2019

Ms. Zen Technologies Campus drive Circular on 27.07.2019

Ms.Alps(Ipropal) Drive on 09.08.2019

Ms.Cellerite recruitment drive on 06.11.2019

Ms.Faurecia Emissions recruitment drive on 26.09.2019

Ms.Metey recruitment drive on 30.10.2019

Ms.Mindtree recruitment drive on 23.10.2019 and 24.10.2019

Ms.Virtusa recruitment drive on 21.10.2019


✨ QUERENCIA 2022 ✨

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Wat Metallon 2022

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Two Days Workshop on Drone Designing and Manufacturing

A Two-Day student workshop on “Drone Designing and Manufacturing in…

22 Apr 2022 - 23 Apr 2022 Organized by: Electronics and Communication Engineering

Two day workshop on “Advanced Software in Civil Engineering-BIM”

Two day workshop on “Advanced Software in Civil Engineering-BIM” is…

28 Mar 2023 - 29 Mar 2023 Organized by: Civil Engineering

Three Days Workshop on “Simulation of Data Communications & Networks Using NS2” organised by Department of Electronics & Communications Engineering , in association with TASK

As the field of Data Communications & Networks, has an…

04 Nov 2022 - 07 Nov 2022 Organized by: Electronics and Communication Engineering

Three Day Online Faculty Development Programme on “Recent Trends in Wireless Communications”

As the field of Wireless Communications has an enormous growth…

20 Oct 2022 - 22 Oct 2022 Organized by: Electronics & Communications Engineering

The Role of Linear Algebra in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

The FDP aims at familiarizing young engineers and teaching faculty…

29 Nov 2021 - 03 Dec 2021 Organized by: Departments of M&H, CSE & IT MGIT


Technovation is a national level technical symposium being organised by…

30 Jun 2022 - 30 Jun 2022 Organized by: Department of Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics)