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Instructions to the parents: 

  • College reserves the right to modify, merge or cancel any proposed route(s) without assigning any reason.
  • The seats will be allotted on the first come first serve basis for every academic year after receipt of Transport Fee.
  • New routes/buses will be introduced subjected to the number of students and availability of buses. Decision of the Institute will be final in this regard.
  • Request for the extension or diversion of route(s) and additional stops will not be considered for the existing buses/routes.
  • Transport fee once paid is non-refundable.
  • Parents are requested to lodge their suggestions / requests / complaints, if any in writing, with the I/c, Students Transport Centre or Principal only.

Instructions to the students: 

  • All the students should arrive at the boarding point  5 Minutes before the scheduled time, chasing or forcing the driver to stop the bus is not permitted. Be courteous to your bus driver.
  • Students who are availing College Transportation should board at Bus-bay at scheduled time i.e., 04.25 PM only.
  • Must possess Identity Card and show the same to the faculty in-charge/driver on demand.
  • Ragging and indecent behavior is strictly prohibited.
  • Avoid any loud or disruptive sounds that could distract the bus driver.
  • Boys and girls must occupy separate seats.
  • Arguing with faculty in-charge / driver leads to the cancellation of the transport facility. If any suggestions / complaints, they must give in writing to Transport I/c, MGIT only.
  • In case of breakdown of the bus, student must follow the instructions of the in-charge/ driver or should make their own arrangement if alternative arrangement is not provided.
  • Do not run and play while waiting for the bus to arrive.

Note: The student must follow the above instructions carefully and co-operate with the staff in charge/driver for smooth operation of the buses, failing which, the transport facility will be withdrawn and, in such cases, the transport fee is neither refunded nor adjusted.