CINFRA – 2023 National Level Student‘s Technical Symposium on “Sustainable Urban Infrastructure”

27 Apr 2023 - 27 Apr 2023 | Organized by: Civil Engineering Website  | Registration Form  | Brochure

CINFRA is a National Level Technical Symposium being organized by our illustrious institution, MGIT, annually since 2013. The symposium became a trade mark of knowledge; parallel to this, it enhanced the reputation of department. It became a stage to a common student to let his voice heard to many, paying a way for creating awareness regarding the emerging Civil Engineering trends across the world. The enthusiasts of many colleges participate and witness the symposium that includes many thought provoking events apart from a general symposium.


  • Dept Of Civil Engineering, E-Block, MGIT, Gandipet, Hyderabad

Event Guidelines:



  • CAD modeling competition is based on Computer aided designing software. We will provide a civil engineering related pdf drawings. You need to draft same drawing on the Auto CAD.

Rules and Regulations:

  • 1. Maximum 1 participant per team.
  • 2. PDF drawing will be given at the time of competition.
  • 3. Points are noted for drafting, detailing, labelling and colouring
  • 4. The final result will be judged on the basis of completeness and optimum time.
  • 5. Top two team will be awarded with prize and merit certificate.



  • Paper Presentation is all about how you put your topic or present your topic in front of the audience. They see the way you present your topic, the way you put your points, your presentation style, your language and how promptly and effectively you answer their questions.
  • Like if you have to present the paper on “Concrete Technology”. Here first thing is that you have collect the information from the source you would like to. It can be the internet or some books, journals, newspaper, magazine etc.

Rules and Regulations:

  • 1. Candidates should send their paper in abstract to our mail id.
  • 2. Accepted papers will be intimated through their respective mail id.
  • 3. The presentation time is for 8 mins and queries for 2 mins for each paper.
  • 4. Selected candidates should bring one hard copy and one soft copy of the paper at the time of presentation.


  • Description:
    Quiz IT competition is a pursuit of trivial Knowledge, encourage students to achieve academic excellence and Increase their awareness of the world around them. It actually tests student’s retention and accumulation of knowledge in a real life situation. Encourage independent study and academic excellence. Recognize and appreciate non-traditional values for competition. Build self esteem and pride.

Rules and regulation:
1. Participants should form a group of two.
2. Questions will be asked from the basics of all engineering disciplines, daily life science phenomenon, on the basis of practical applications, current affairs in science and technology.
3. 1st and 2nd place holders will be awarded after Final round with prizes and certificates.


  • The objective behind organization of poster making competition is to bring out the creative expression of students and to gauge their knowledge and awareness of various trends in Civil Engineering.
  • Students can take up wide range of topics related to civil engineering like Recent Innovations in Civil Engineering, Mega Structures (Sky scrapers, Bridges, Dams, Highways, Railways, Airports, Nuclear Power Plants, and Stadiums), World heritage Structures, Heritage Structures in India, addressing Environmental and Geotechnical Engineering problems or any other interesting topic.
  • All you have to do is to make technically attractive and interactive poster. Please go through the guidelines for further details.

Rules and Regulations:

  • 1. Every team shall consist maximum of two participants
  • 2. Each Participant can post only one Poster.
  • 3. Orientation of poster is preferred to be in Landscape with minimum size of 34″ X 22″ (Width X Height). However, students can have Portrait orientation and can also make posters of higher dimension
  • 4. Each participant has to present about his/her poster for 1 minute.
  • 5. Evaluation is based on how efficiently student has communicated his thoughts about the poster, interaction during exchange of ideas, and visual portrayal of the poster.
  • 6. Winning poster will be awarded with prizes and certificates.


  • Enact the given word and reach out effectively to your team mates. Techie-charades is the most fun filled and entertaining tech event of the symposium.
  • Participants will have to guess the technical word enacted by one of their team member within the specified time.
  • The judgment is based on the efficiency in guessing and time management.


  • 1. Participants should form a group of two.
  • 2. A technical word will be given to a member of the team, and he/she has convey it to their team members through gestures within the allotted time of 1 minute.
  • 3. Participants are restricted from making lip movements, drawing of letters or pictures in the air.
  • 4. Participants should not point to the concerned item directly.
  • 5. No extra time beyond the time limit will be permitted.
  • 6. The decision of Cinfra Team will be final and binding.


  • Bridge IT is an opportunity to put your wisdom and inexperience together to showcase your skills in bringing life to a bridge.This event is designed to allow students the opportunity to develop a Bridge that will be tested for strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Bridge will be loaded at centre of the span for which provision to be made by the participant.
    Judgment will be based on deflection and load bearing capacity of the bridge model.


  • Bridge It is a Spot event. Maximum of 2 participants are allowed in a team.
  •  A bridge is to be made with pop sickle sticks, the materials required for making the bridge deck will be provided at the venue.
  • The minimum height of sticks should be 10cm, maximum width of construction is 10cm, length (span) of the Bridge is 50cm
  • Participants should complete the task within stipulated time.

Model Expo:

  • Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed and available in right format it is hard to endure.You can make a model or a prototype that is relevant to the Civil Engineering, can exhibit and explain about it.
  • The judgment is based on the model presentation and thorough description.


  • 1. Choice of the material and size of the model is as per participants discretion.
  • 2. Participants have to bring a built model to the symposium for display.
  • 3. Ready-made or factory made models will not be accepted.
  • 4. Final models presented in the fest shall be retained by CINFRA TEAM.


  • Surveying, the first step of starting a new civil engineering project, is a very important branch of civil engineering. The planning and design of all Civil Engineering projects such as construction of highways, bridges, tunnels, dams etc., are based upon surveying measurements. Moreover, during execution, project of any magnitude is constructed along the lines and points established by surveying. Inspecto gives the chance to show your surveying skills.


  • 1. Inspecto is a spot Event. Maximum 3 participants are allowed in a team.
  • 2. Ground coordinates will be given on the spot to do surveying.
  • 3. Team has to complete the surveying with in the stipulated time.
  • 4. Final answers will be checked for accuracy.


  • Dr. K.V.Ramana Reddy (HoD, Dept of CIVIL)


  • Mr.G.Srinivas, Asst.Professor
  • Mr.P.Sankar Kumar Reddy, Asst.Professor