One Week Online FDP on “Recent Trends in Internet of Things (IoT)”

06 Jun 2022 - 10 Jun 2022 | Organized by: Electronics & Communication Engineering Event123 Website  | Registration Form  | Brochure

The Faculty Development Programme (FDP) titled “ Recent Trends in IoT” aims at equipping teachers/ participants with latest technology, skills and knowledge in field of IoT and embedded systems. This FDP will help in bringing together researchers from academia and industry on recent trends and various cutting-edge research areas in the field of Internet of Things, Embedded Systems, Intelligent Computing, Soft Computing, Optimization, Communication, and Hardware interfaces to smart sensors. The FDP Hands-on session will address the engineering and key requirements for industry automation. This programme includes the sessions focused on technologies, techniques and applications with intent to foster the exchange of knowledge and ideas between experts & participants. The objective of the FDP is to impart in-depth knowledge in the field of Embedded Systems Design and its Applications for IoT. Considering the high-rate growth of IoT technologies, and the significant increment in the number of the connected devices, a detailed study of the IoT systems, architecture, challenges, applications, protocols, and market requirements will be discussed. Sessions will be also focused on programming and hands-on using microcontrollers, Arduino-Node MCU and Raspberry-Pi.


  • Location MGIT, Hyderabad

FDP Guidelines:

Resource Persons:

  • Dr. Anupam Sharma, Outstanding- Scientist, DSP, DRDO, Hyd. Dr. S. Nagender, Professor, HCU
  • Dr. Aniket Pingley, IIIT Nagpur Mr. Umang Kejriwal, Finland Labs
  • Mr. T. Chandrashekar, CTO, Pyro Telecom Mr. R. Raj Kumar, Vi solutions, Bangalore
  • Dr. S. P. Singh, HoD, ECE, MGIT Mr. B. Kesava Rao, Asst. Professor, ECE, MGIT
  • Prof. Durgesh Mishra, Director, SAIT, Indore Mr. K. Bapayya,  Asst. Professor, ECE, MGIT


  • Mr. J. Pratap Reddy, Secretary & Correspondent, MGIT
  • Prof. K. Jaya Sankar, Principal, MGIT


  • Dr. S. P. Singh, Professor & Head, ECE


  • Mr. B. Kesava Rao, Asst. Professor, ECE, Contact No: 9492924505
  • Mr. K. Bapayya, , Asst. Professor, ECE, Contact No: 9912565721
  • Mr. D.V.S.Nagendra Kumar, Asst. Professor,ECE, Contact No: 9849953764


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