MGIT Delegation’s Insightful Visit to IIT-Hyderabad Bolsters R&D Prospects

News Date : 21 Oct 2023     News Report

Hyderabad, 21st  October  2023 – A recent visit to the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IIT-H) by members of MGIT has been marked as constructive and enlightening. Aimed at amplifying research & development initiatives at MGIT, the trip was spearheaded by Dr. Phani Raj, the R & D Director of MGIT, and Dr. Ch. Srinivasu, Assistant Professor in Physics.

The visit to IIT-H paved the way for insightful interactions with several esteemed professors. Prof. Buvanesh Ramakrishna imparted valuable knowledge on crafting research proposals. Highlighting the contemporary relevance, he emphasized the applications of high-energy materials in the laser domain.

Additionally, Prof. Jyoti Mohanty elucidated on the significance of rare-earth free transition magnetic materials. Drawing from his profound experience, Prof. Suryanarayana delved into the intricacies of research proposals and articulated the core essence of such proposals.

A noteworthy discussion at the MSME department unveiled the presence of essential facilities imperative for Dr. Srinivasu’s project. Encouragingly, it was discerned that all required facilities for Dr. Srinivas’s research endeavors are readily accessible at IIT-Hyderabad.

The visit stands testament to MGIT’s commitment to fostering R&D activities and harnessing collaborations to drive academic and research excellence.