Strengthening Research Collaboration: Women Faculty from Mech/MCT Explore PhD Opportunities and Funding at IITH on 30th April 2024

News Date : 30 Apr 2024     News Report

30th April 2024 (Exploring Research Opportunities for women faculty from Mech/MCT)

The Director RDC, Dr. M.P. Phaniraj, and two faculty from the department of Mech/MCT: Ms. Meghna & Ms. Kruti Sarma, visited IITH to discuss avenues for research leading to the PhD degree. They met with Professors from MAE & MSME: Dr. Viswanath (MAE@IITH), Prof. Prabhat Kumar & Prof. Rajesh

The details of the meetings are given below:

Prof. C. Viswanath  

Prof. Viswanath enquired about the research interests, familiarity with ABAQUS/FEA & also about the experiments that can be done in the mechanical department at MGIT, especially in the context of additive manufacturing (AM). He then suggested applying for the SERB – POWER research grant. In this regard, he informed his former research collaborator and now Prof. in NIT Surat, Dr Sri Lakshmi, who could be the PI. He passed on the contact details to Ms. Meghana & Ms. Kruti Sarma, who could be the co-PI.

Ms. Kruti Sarma was interested in research in the field of Mechatronics. Incidentally, Dr. Viswanath knew Prof. Prabhat Kumar who was looking for students to work in the electromechanics of the human heart. Dr. Prabhat joined our meeting and got to know Ms. Kruti and they decided to continue interaction.

Based on previous meetings of MGIT faculty with Profs @IITH, Dr. Phaniraj pointed out the lack of progress after the first meetings at IITH. In this regard,  Prof. Viswanath insisted on weekly updates & monthly progress meetings. Dr. Phaniraj needs to attend only the monthly meetings & note the progress.

In a previous meeting with Prof. Viswanath, we had discussed the possibility of CARS project on residual stress. Prof. Rajesh (MSME@IITH), who was also present in the previous meeting, suggested that they both meet the relevant scientist, Dr Veera Babu in DMRL to discuss it. Presently, they intend to meet Dr Veera Babu in the upcoming visit to DMRL.

In the photo: Ms. Kruthi, Ms. Meghna, Profs. Prabhat, Rajesh, Viswanath & Dr. Phaniraj