How is Student Life in Hyderabad?

News Date : 30 Aug 2019     News Report

Overview of Hyderabad as a City for Students

Hyderabad is a city that is preferred by many Indian students as well as some international students. Young people from different parts of India converge on Hyderabad every year in order to pursue courses of their choice. When it comes to understanding how suitable is Hyderabad as a city for students, the first and foremost point of pertinence is the cost of living. For most students, a prohibitively high cost of living will be a major negative point since they are not yet earning. That is why the moderate cost of living in Hyderabad suits the student community. Student life in Hyderabad is also pretty good especially if one is truly interested in learning their subjects well. This is because there is a strong culture of education that runs in the veins of Hyderabad which has helped the city emerge as a citadel of higher learning in the country. The former princely state is particularly noted for its technical educational centers, which is why many budding engineers flock to Hyderabad in order to take admission in a college of their preference.

Lower Cost of Living in Hyderabad

It is natural for students looking to settle in another city to be concerned about the costs of living. However, it is equally important to take into account the tuition fees of the colleges. On the basis of firsthand experience of student life in Hyderabad, it can be said that tuition fees are moderate, especially when compared to other metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Another additional advantage for students seeking admission in Hyderabad colleges is that most of the hostels and colleges are concentrated within a fairly small radius, thereby reducing the need for commuting. Students don’t love to commute, especially if it involves getting stuck in traffic. It is tiring and boring and such a waste of time! Hyderabad is pretty good in that regard since messes or paying guest accommodations are located fairly close to the colleges.

Jobs in Hyderabad for Freshers

Hyderabad has a diversified economy but is especially noted for its manufacturing and service sectors. Within the latter, the IT sector has been growing thick and fast. A number of IT hubs have become operational in the last decade or so in the city, with a large number of core software development, BPO and KPO companies functional within the hubs. Some of the top firms that have set up offices in Hyderabad include Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, TCS, Cognizant, Samsung, Tech Mahindra, Oracle, Yahoo! and so on. Not surprisingly, the city has now been termed as the second Silicon Valley of India after Bangalore. An Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR) is also on the cards which may see further proliferation of IT SEZs in the city. Apart from the big multinational firms, the city has also been witness to an exciting startup ecosystem which also promises to add more job opportunities. All of this points to one obvious fact: that there are hordes of job opportunities for freshers in Hyderabad.

The Most Livable City in India!

Depending on where you choose to live in Hyderabad, your cost of living can get even cheaper. To have the best student life at Hyderabad, it is advisable to choose areas like Amarpeet where day to day expenses will be relatively low. Since Hyderabad has become a popular destination for students, the city has a large number of PG accommodation options to choose from. But decent accommodation and affordable cost of living aren’t the only reasons to choose Hyderabad. A couple of other factors increase the attractiveness of the city to students. The “City of Pearls” has a comparatively lower rate of crime and the pollution levels are also more manageable relative to other Indian cities. In fact, the city has consistently secured the top position in a survey on the most livable cities. The Mercer Quality of Living Rating 2018 also confirmed this, as Hyderabad was declared the most livable Indian city along with Pune.


So here’s the verdict: if you are a student looking for management or engineering colleges in Hyderabad, you have made the right choice. This city offers a number of opportunities to save big in terms of cost of living as well as tuition fees, while assuring a great education and a promising career.