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Guest Lecture on “Language Models in NLP: A Comprehensive Overview”

22 Jul 2023 - 22 Jul 2023 | Organized by: Research and Development Committee & Information Technology Website  | Registration Form  | Brochure

NLP models analyze text to give the word probability. This interpretation first entails feeding the text data to an algorithm that specifies rules for context in natural language. The model then uses these rules and applies them to language tasks to create new sentences or give accurate predictions.

The lecture emphasises the following aspects of 

  1. What is Language Modeling in NLP
  2. Types of Language Models in NLP


  • Online Mode


  • Guest Lecture platform: Webex

Resource Persons: 

  • Dr.Rama Rao KVSN,  Tenured Leader, Brane Enterprises, Hyderabad.


  • Sri D.Praveen Reddy , Chairman, CBES
  • Sri J.Pratap Reddy, Secretary & Correspondent, CBES
  • Prof G.Chandramohan Reddy, Principal, MGIT.
  • Dr.K.Sudhakar Reddy, Vice-Principal, MGIT
  • Dr. D. Vijaya Lakshmi, Prof. & Head, Dept. of IT, MGIT


  • Dr.N. Sree Divya, Assistant Professor, IT Department