Guest Lecture on “Overview of Indian Power Sector and Outage Management in Distribution Companies ”

25 Jul 2023 - 25 Jul 2023 | Organized by: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department Website  | Registration Form  | Brochure

India has one of the most diverse electrical industries in the world. Coal, lignite, natural gas, oil, and nuclear power are among the traditional energy sources used to create electricity. Other dependable non-conventional energy sources include wind, sun, hydropower, agricultural waste, and domestic waste.

The lecture emphasises the following aspects.

  1. Overview of Indian power sector
  2. Status of power sector in India
  3. Problems faced by power sector in India
  4. Power generation and distribution in India
  5. Power distribution companies in India and their role
  6. Outage Management and it’s key functions.


  • EEE Department Seminar Hall(E-701)

Resource Persons:

  • Mr.T.Sreedhar, Assistant Divisional Engineer, TSSPDCL (Smart Grid), Hyderabad.


  • Sri D.Praveen Reddy , Chairman, CBES.
  • Sri J.Pratap Reddy, Secretary & Correspondent, MGIT.
  • Prof. G. Chandra Mohan Reddy, Principal, MGIT.
  • Prof. K. Sudhakar Reddy, Vice-Principal, MGIT.
  • Dr.P.Ram Kishore Kumar Reddy,HoD EEE, MGIT.


  • Dr.P.Chandra Sekhar, Associate Professor, EEE Department


  • Dr.P.Lakshmi Supriya, Assistant Professor,EEE Department
  • Mrs.P.V.B.Kumari,Assistant Professor,EEE Department
  • Mr.P.Ranjit Krishna,Assistant Professor,EEE Department

Supporting Staff: 

  • Mr.C.Mahesh, Assistant Professor, EEE Department
  • Mr.Dongari Vamshy, Assistant Professor, EEE Department