RDC Director Dr. M.P. Phaniraj Engages in Strategic Academic Discussions at IITH – Eyes Collaborative Research Opportunities

News Date : 08 Mar 2024     News Report

08th March 2024

The Director RDC, Dr. M.P. Phaniraj stayed in IITH guest house on 7th March 2024 for discussion-meetings with Professors in MSME, EE & Mech. Departments and returned to MGIT on the morning of 09-03-24.

In MSME he discussed the progress in research of his joint PhD student, Mr. Sai Ram Goud, with Prof. K. Rajesh.

He met with Dr. Shiv Govind Singh, Prof. & HoD Electrical Engineering and requested him to give his lecture on Avenues in Research @ Electrical Engg. and the way to go about it. The tentative date for his lecture is 3rd April 2024.

The details of the meeting with Prof. C. Viswanath in Mechanical Dept @IITH are below:

Prof. C. Viswanath

In view of Prof. Viswanath’s expertise in multiscale modeling, Dr Phaniraj asked him if he would be interested in guiding a PhD on modeling residual stress in multiphase naval steels. Prof. Viswanath readily agreed and dived deep into the process of making the steel component, data needed for modeling & also about the scientists in DRDO who would be of help in pursuing the research. We then decided to first have a meeting with the MGIT faculty who would be interested in pursuing such research for his PhD and then clearly chalk out the problem. The next step would be to approach the DRDO scientist and confirm their interest in such work. The work could be for publishing scientific papers or on actual need of DRDO. In the latter case, Prof. Viswanath suggested that we could as well float a Contract for the Acquisition of Research Services (CARS) project for 5-10 lakhs.

In general, the discussion ended on a positive note, especially the exciting possibility of the CARS project.