Guest Lecture on “Fundamentals and Advanced Speed Control Techniques of Electric Motor Drive”

15 Jun 2023 - 16 Jun 2023 | Organized by: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Website  | Registration Form  | Brochure

The lecture emphasises the following aspects of Electrical drives

  • 1)Fundamentals of electric motor drive
  • 2) Conventional speed control techniques
  • 3) Challenges in speed control techniques
  • 4) Advanced speed control techniques.

An electric drive is a device used to control the output of a motor used, for example, to produce linear motion. The drive will accurately control the motor output and the motor response against a controlling input.


  • Online Mode


  • Guest Lecture platform: Webex

Resource Persons:

  • Dr.T.Vinay Kumar, Assistant professor, Electrical Engineering Department, NIT Warangal.


  • Sri D.Praveen Reddy , Chairman, CBES
  • Sri J.Pratap Reddy, Secretary & Correspondent, CBES
  • Prof. G. Chandra Mohan Reddy, Principal, MGIT
  • Prof. K. Sudhakar Reddy, Vice-Principal
  • Dr.P.Ram Kishore Kumar Reddy,HoD EEE


  • Dr.P.Chandra Sekhar,Associate Professor, EEE Department
  • Mr.G.Arun Kumar,Assistant Professor,EEE Department