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Idea Incubator MGIT, is a student club focused on fostering Leadership in innovation and research amongst MGITans . It was founded on 17th April 2019 by the Principal, MGIT as its de facto head.

The mission of the club is to work on NextGen Projects, collaborate with professionals and companies to enrich research skills, develop an entrepreneurial mindset with professional skills to stand out of the crowd as gems of MGIT and revered researchers of the nation at large.

The club conducts Ideathons, Design thinking contests to help students nurture ideas to develop cutting edge technology.

Shark Tank MGIT, an idea pitching session drawing inspiration from Shark Tank India was conducted during NIRVANA 2K22 where 4 start-up entrepreneurs judged ideas and provided incentives in the form of their wisdom and grants.

Valorant gaming contest was conducted to promote E-sports and unravel the best of gamers.

The Bi-Annual magazine ‘Synergy’ highlights the achievements of the Club and also features research and technology articles penned exclusively by the journalists of the club.

Till date four versions of synergy have been compiled.

SYNERGY-Student Magazine:

Members of IIC:

mag leads
mag reasearch
mag coding
mag public relations
mag event managers
mag innivation
mag product designer
mag social
mag graphic design