Department of Mathematics & Humanities

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We’re talking serious number crunching

The mathematics and humanities department is an abode of excellence, just like other departments in the college. Students are made familiar with the latest theoretical developments in their respective disciplines. Since both mathematics and humanities may seem to be very abstract because of the very nature of the subjects, special attention is given to put all classroom discussions in the context of practical realities.


Keeping in view, the rapid strides of technology, the Department of M&H inspires and motivates students by imparting quality education to analyze and suggest complex-free solutions using mathematical skills, communication skills and effective decision making to the problems worldwide.


Striving to design and develop strategic solutions with aid of critical analysis for research and development in science, engineering and technology.


  • Preparing the students to utilize their fundamentals in designing, developing and transferring their skills in a wide range of applications across engineering science and technology.
  • Honing the communicative skills for interpersonal rapport and professional growth.
  • Instilling entrepreneurial ability and attitude for the creation of employment opportunities in the society.
  • Creation of effective analysis and supported by efficient communication to withstand global competition by designing strategic solutions confined to the optimal utilization to meet the global needs.
  • Transforming the students into effective collaborators, innovators and researchers to address social, technical and business challenges