Department of Mathematics & Humanities

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HoD’s Message

Dr. S.Raji Reddy
Department Of Mathematics & Humanities

The department of M&H was established in 1997 with a focus to support and cater to the academic and professional needs of the core engineering departments in the areas of Mathematics, English and Management Science. A full complement of 25 highly qualified, competent and experienced members of faculty impart quality education in their respective subjects to the students of engineering so as to enable them to have a wider and deeper understanding of the role and application of Mathematics, English language and communication skills and managerial acumen, necessary for a professional. The faculty of Management Science and English extends support to Entrepreneur Development Cell (EDC), Career Guidance Cell (CGC) and Placement and Training Cell (TPC) of MGIT, creating awareness and providing opportunities for necessary guidance and skill training required for entrepreneurship, overseas higher education opportunities and employability.

The Department is equipped with 23 well qualified, competent and experienced faculty members. Majority of them i.e. (17) are Ph.D. degree holders. The department has 4 state-of-the-art Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) laboratories equipped with sophisticated audio and visual gadgets to enable the students to perform the experiments and learn the concepts in depth. These student-centric multimedia labs offer a lively language teaching environment and encourage students to receive training in the areas of phonology, grammar and other functional aspects of English language, such as, Group discussions, debates, Just A Minute, professional presentations etc.

The faculty members in English train and enhance students’ communication skills and prepare them for challenges that they have to face in the academic and professional world. The Management Science faculty helps the students in developing business management related skills and an understanding of the techniques involved in developing an enterprise. Mathematics is an integral part of engineering; it helps to establish relationships among different quantities.

Further the department encourages the students to try their hand at cultural, co-curricular and extracurricular activities in addition to welcoming the freshmen engineering grads with the Orientation/Induction program when they join the college.