Campus Tour

We’re talking a journey to Telangana’s top Engineering College.

Come experience the CBIT campus, walk the hallways where the famous alumni scurried through when late for lectures. Our sprawling 50 Acre campus with its scenic beauty is bound to leave you awestruck, craving to become a part of the phenomenon named CBIT. Whether you are visiting the campus to see if CBIT is a good fit for you or you are traveling for one of the many events on the campus, we are sure you will leave with a smile. The tree-covered pathways of the campus with benches underneath are where you will find budding entrepreneurs deep in discussion about their new start-up idea or aspiring scientists debating the string theory. The canteens and grounds are always buzzing with activities and cultural club meets and events. The library is a peaceful sanctuary to dig into your reference book and really crack into the details of thermodynamics. No matter where and at what time you are on campus, you can rest assured of a fun, frolic and intense conversation with a CBITian.

All visitors are welcome on campus and you will quickly realize the CBIT difference! We look forward to hosting you.

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