Career Development Cell

The career development cell (CDC) is a platform to provide training / learning opportunities for the students to bring their holistic development and also to prepare them for the campus placement.

The CDC provides worthy services in helping the students with soft skills viz. communication skills, problem solving skills, leadership skills and other personality development skills which enable them to develop skills required to cater the needs of competitive world. The CDC also organizes programmes such as Seminars on Personality Development, Interpersonal relationship, and Communication Skills etc for improving the latent skills of the student.

Objectives of CDC:

  • To synthesize soft skills, English language skills and inculcate effective communication skills in students.
  • To transform students into competent working-professionals, and responsible citizens of the country.
  • To emphasize on personal values and work ethics in students.
  • To develop Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Skills among students


  • Computer with high end configuration, internet facility to serve the students better.
  • Books on competitive exams (GRE, TOEFL, CAT, MAT, APTITUDE, NET). on Higher education, on Career Opportunities.
  • Books for personal growth (Self-Confidence, Choosing Career) The Career Guidance

Members of CDC committee

  • Dr. V.V.N. Satya Suresh, Director, CDC
  • Mr. B. Amarnath, In-charge HR
  • Ms. N. Radhika Acharya, Student Counselor
  • Mr. P.G. Guruvelu, Dept. of Civil Engg.
  • Dr. T. Niranjan, Dept. of Mech. Engg.
  • Ms. Gousiya Begum, Dept. of CSE
  • Mr. S. Abhishek Reddy, Dept. of EEE.
  • Ms. P. Shirisha, Dept. of ECE.
  • Ms. N. Sree Divya, Dept. of IT.
  • Mr. Bhomik Ketari Deogade, Dept. of MME
  • Dr. Ch.Srinivasu, Dept. of Physics
  • Mr. V. Srinivasa Rao, Dept. of M&H

Functions of the committee members 

  • To co-ordinate the training sessions along with the Class In-charges.
  • To participate in the deliberations related to CDC activities.
  • To organize value based workshops.
  • To assist the Director, CDC in the routine duties related to CDC.