Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Student Clubs

Name of Club :  SAE (Society of Automobile Engineering)

Description: SAE MGIT was established under the vision to help the auto-mobile enthusiasts in students enhance their knowledge and help them explore the domain of automobile engineering.
Faulty In-charge: Dr. K. Sudhakar Reddy, D. Kameswara Rao

Student In-charge: G. Anish Babu, Student Chairperson, Final Year, Mechatronics Engineering, MGIT.


  • Gogineni Anish Babu, 18261A1418
  • K Yeshwanth Rao, 18261A1423
  • Tandra Namratha Reddy, 18261A1446
  • Vishwa Teja Dusa, 18261A1451


  • G. Anish Babu, Student Chairperson, +91 9121009662

Name of Club: Robotics Club MGIT

Description: Robotics club is viewed as a strong educational component by most of the leading technical institutes throughout the world.  Robotics Club of MGIT is formed with the support of Professor Dr. Sudhakar Reddy and faculty in charges. This club is active and fruitful.  Club members are eager to make all efforts to increase student interest in robotics at the institute. With robotics, students are encouraged to show off their creativity and engineering skills by utilizing their knowledge, intelligence, and ability to solve challenges.  The club takes active measures to engage students in various programs so they can develop technical skills, teamwork skills, and leadership abilities.
As a club, members can develop their technical understanding and turn their innovative ideas into reality.  Workshops and tutorials   are part of club activities that provide   the club’s members with
invaluable help. Students can take on challenges from day-to-day life scenarios, make them feasible solutions based on their technical skills, and convert their ideas into prototypes by implementing their creativity and technical skills.


  • Guidelines for working in the field of robotics:
    • Students are provided with learning facilities
    • Providing a design environment
  • Our club will strive to host invited talks and guest lectures by experts from a variety of fields:
    • A closer look at the research problems
    • Understand the theoretical details
  • Various workshops and conferences will be conducted by the club on several topics:
    • Having the opportunity to interact with industry and academics on research topics
    • An opportunity to gain experience from the experts
    • A team of faculties consisting of eminent individuals will guide the project
  • To attract the students’ interest in robotics, the club will conduct intra-institutional (both on a state and national level) competitions:
    • Design a robot of their own and compete with it
    • Compete and cooperate in robot alliances and tournaments

Faulty In-charge:  

  • Mr. P.V. Prasad Reddy
  • Mr. B. Govind Reddy
  • Mr. E. Sai Krishna
  • Mr. S. Ajay Kumar

Student In-charge: 

  • Malothu Kirankumar, MCT-III/IV,  Roll no: 19261A1426 Cell: 9494446043
  • Sreekesari Vangeepuram, MCT-III/IV, Roll no: 19261A1452 Cell: 8688220159
  • Shali Nehal, MCT-III/IV, Roll no: 19261A1442, Cell: 9246063073
  • Gandi Kumuda, MCT-III/IV, Roll no: 19261A1412, Cell: 8309963357
  • Ramasagaram Rahul Chary, MCT-II/IV, Roll no: 20261A1437,Cell: 9573539174


  • Lohith, MCT-IV/IV, Roll no: 18261A1428, Cell: 6303851011
  • Sharath MCT-IV/IV, Roll no: 18261A1403, Cell: 6303456146
  • Rajat MCT-IV/IV, Roll no: 18261A1402, Cell: 8125273473
  • Ashish MCT-IV/IV, Roll no: 18261A1401, Cell: 7702041606
  • Nitish MCT-IV/IV,Roll no: 18261A1411,Cell: 7995477415
  • Amaranath Reddy MCT-III/IV,Roll no: 19261A1420,Cell: 8688248205
  • Santhosh Chandra MCT-III/IV,Roll no: 19261A1440,Cell: 6305106872
  • Vikram Bharadwaj MCT-III/IV,Roll no: 19261A1404,Cell: 8688175740
  • Rohith Raj MCT-III/IV,Roll no: 19261A1423,Cell: 8008081259
  • Abhinav MCT-III/IV,Roll no: 19261A1402,Cell: 9390259168
  • Mahati MCT-III/IV,Roll no: 19261A1425,Cell: 8179539517
  • Manisha MCT-II/IV,Roll no: 20261A1417,Cell: 9177682097
  • Vaishnavi MCT-II/IV,Roll no: 20261A1445,Cell: 8688571924
  • Gokul MCT-II/IV,Roll no:  20261A1433,Cell: 9346106728
  • Vedarsh Reddy MCT-II/IV,Roll no: 20261A1428,Cell: 8179859234


  • G. Malothu Kirankumar, Student Chairperson,+91 9494446043

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